Pathologic 2

Pathologic 2, the sequel to the Russian cult hit Pathologic, has a brand-new trailer and an official release window.

Technically a remake, Pathologic 2 upscales 2005’s excellent but awkward Pathologic to modern standards while attempting to preserve the original’s idiosyncratic sense of horror.

The developer has been slowly teasing the game in a series of updates, but a full-blown announcement of the release window was not expected.

A major surprise was the fact that the game was announced at Gearbox Software’s PAX East panel. Bundled in with the title’s announcement was the news that the title’s publisher, Tiny Build Games, would be partnering with Gearbox as part of its indie partnership programme.

Much like the original, players are thrust into a bizarre town to stop an impending plague before becoming embroiled in a series of unsettling events. Pathologic 2 features a 12-day time limit as well as basic survival mechanics.

The original was very difficult to classify and, even by today’s standards, wholly unique. Judging by Pathologic 2‘s trailer, embedded below, Ice-Pick Lodge has done a good job of preserving the original’s tone.

The sequel is set to land on PC May 23. For more on the world of single-player, be sure to follow OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube. You can also join the discussion in our community Discord server.

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  1. I found the original impenetrable; the trailer shows the sequel to be the same…

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