Pathologic 2

Pathologic 2 has taken some criticism for its difficulty and survival mechanics, so developer Ice-Pick Lodge has introduced difficulty options.

While many have been enamoured by Pathologic 2‘s idiosyncrasies and deep, literary story, more than a few reviewers and critics have been turned off by its mechanics. In response, a wave of difficulty sliders has come into the game. These sliders, though, can make the game more difficult, not just easier.

The list of difficulty sliders includes hunger speed, exhaustion speed, immunity, thirst, stamina, etc. An interview, embedded below, with the developer by tinyBuildGAMES revealed some of the difficulty options. The interview also reveals some interesting statements from different members of the team, who comment explicitly on difficulty.

One developer states that “tough survival mechanics are the force that ties the game together, connecting sub-stories into something whole.” That comment sticks out a little as difficulty sliders move in direct conflict with that philosophy.

Other members of the team discuss the game’s difficulty, especially the harshness of the hunger system. However, they all appear to appreciate its inclusion for narrative and aesthetic purposes.

The interview is full of revealing tidbits, so check it out below if you have an interest in Pathologic 2. Since releasing in May, the title has made quite the splash.

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