Pathologic 2

Pathologic 2, the indirect remake of the cult horror classic Pathologic, has a new developer report that boasts new details regarding the project’s AI, combat, and more.

Notable updates in the update include new information on the game’s characters and crafting system. The report seems to imply that whilst all of the assets and story are complete, the developer, Ice-Pick Lodge, which developed the original title, may choose to add more to the narrative foundation.

The story still awaits full scripting and testing, but the overall shape of the narrative is almost finished. Story-wise, the remake builds upon the bleak, nihilistic themes of the first game, with the developer tight-lipped regarding any real story details.

The premise of Pathologic 2 is that players assume the role of a doctor who is sent into a town that is being consumed by a deadly plague. Players will “face the realities of a collapsing society as [they] make difficult choices in seemingly lose-lose situations.”

The crafting system appears to be essential to the project’s function, with the developer stating that “Pathologic 2 is a game about planning and resource management, where crucial items often have several uses.” Along with the tough moral and practical choices the game will throw at players, decisions need to be made regarding the usage of simple amenities, such as water and medicine. Resource management appears not to be only a source for the player’s survival, but also to impact NPCs and their associated stories.

Some other nuggets of information are revealed, along with the changes the developer has made to the combat system and the general behaviour of NPC AI. For those interested, further details can be found on on Ice-Pick’s website.

For those unfamiliar with the original 2005 release of Pathologic, the game was a Russian-developed first-person horror adventure game that has, in recent years, become a cult hit. The title tied together psychological horror, Eastern European culture, eldritch inspiration, and the thematic sensibilities of directors such as Andrei Tarkovsky to create a game that is wholly original. The project was years ahead of its time and is a must play for those interested in single-player narrative design.

A HD remake of the original is available on Steam complete with translations and patches, with the sequel having no set release date as of now.

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