Pathfinder: Kingmaker

The upcoming video game adaptation of the Dungeons and Dragons-based Pathfinder RPG has ended its Kickstarter campaign, raising more than USD$900,000 in the process.

Developed by the debut team at Owlcat Games, in association with the original game’s creators at Paizo, the project initially sought $500,000, with that goal being achieved a little over two weeks into the campaign. The continued funding increases ensured the inclusion of a number of stretch goals into the final product, which include a camping mechanic, additional character classes and archetypes, a new Goblin companion, and an additional story chapter.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker attempts to recreate the design and appeal of classic CRPGs including Baldur’s Gate and Fallout, while also adding mechanics related to the claiming of land and building a kingdom. The physical shape of the kingdom will change depending on the choices that are made during the adventure, which characters players choose to forge alliances with, ensuring a high degree of agency.

Although the game will be the first outing for Owlcat Games, many of the team members have previous experience working on similar projects, with several staff members acting in key roles on the development of Heroes of Might and Magic V, while the game’s writer, Chris Avellone has worked on a wide array of highly-acclaimed RPGs.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is currently targeting an August 2018 release, exclusively on PC.

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