Past Cure has gotten its first story trailer, showing off a game described as “Inception meets John Wick meets Fight Club.”

Ian, the game’s central character, is a former elite soldier who seeks revenge on the people who subjected him to horrible experiments. Now with unique, but troubling abilities, Ian will deal with an unscrupulous cast of characters, including Eastern European cartels, secret agents, and even his own brother to get back at those who betrayed him.

What sets Past Cure apart from other vengeance-oriented stories players might have seen before is that roughly half of the game takes place in a surreal nightmare world. The combat skills the protagonist honed in his daily life will have to be set aside during these sections, as he engages in some survival horror gameplay, sneaks past creepy white demons that look like something out of The Evil Within 2 trailer, and has a horrifying time overall.

The developers at Phantom8 have stated that they took inspiration from popular franchises Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill. The combination of these two franchises, each renowned for being uniquely odd, adds to what makes Past Cure so appealing and bizarre.

Past Cure is the first project for the Berlin-based independent studio, making knowing what to expect from the game and gauging whether it will live up to the hype hard to determine. The game has a PlayStation 4 release in addition to Steam, the trailer looks interesting, and the game is certainly doing something very new, giving the title the potential to be the next Outlast, The Evil Within, or, perhaps, Metal Gear Solid.

While no official release date announced at the moment, the developers have said Past Cure may be released sometime later this year on PC and PS4.

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Marley Hannan
A former stand-up comedian, YouTube vlogger, game developer, and, currently, a video game journalist for OnlySP, Marley Hannan entertains a vast range of interests including Dungeons and Dragons, Neil Gaiman, and really, really good video games.

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