Past Cure

Indie studio Phantom 8 has revealed some of the powers at the player’s disposal in the team’s upcoming thriller, Past Cure.

The game follows Ian, a former soldier who is trying to unravel the mystery of a series of military experiments that gave him special powers. As discussed in the new gameplay walkthrough, those abilities include the ability to slow time and project himself beyond his body. These skills will come in handy for players, whether they take the action or stealth route through the various levels.

The Astral Projection ability allows Ian to become incorporeal for a time, enabling him to mark the positions of enemies and disable security cameras. Time manipulation, meanwhile, allows him to shoot more accurately and sneak up on foes more effectively. Alongside the powers, the player will have access to an array of firearms, as well as a powerful melee system that has been motion-captured with the assistance of professional MMA fighters.

While much of Past Cure will take place in environments resembling the real world, a second “nightmare world” will also be included, where the gameplay will shift from having an action/stealth focus to relying more on survival-horror ideas. Although the latter segment is not introduced in the video, the developers have teased a second similar walkthrough, which is likely to touch on it.

More details on the story of the game are available via a trailer that was released earlier this year.

Past Cure is in development at Phantom 8, a debut Berlin-based studio of eight people that aims to create AAA-level gameplay and graphics with only a fraction of normal team sizes and budgets. The game is set for launch on February 2, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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