Flashback Games has released a new developer diary for Panzer Corps 2—the spiritual successor to Panzer General—that explores the depth of the tank-inspired warfare gameplay.

Primarily, the update highlights two key tactical features of the turn-based wargame, entitled Overrun and Encirclement. Encirclement, as the name suggests, is a gameplay condition that occurs when the player is surrounded, which causes significant penalties until the blockade ends. Overrun, on the other hand, occurs when attacking a severely damaged unit, meaning that tanks can instantly destroy these foes without sacrificing attack action points or positioning; both systems prioritise realistic World War II tactics.

Two further gameplay conditions regarding units are expanded upon, named Splitting Units and Capturing Units. Splitting refers to the ability to split a unit into equal halves, allowing it to act as two separate units. Primarily, Splitting is used as an escape from Encirclement. Capturing was present in Panzer Corps 1, but is being made into a core mechanic in the sequel. Essentially, when a unit surrenders, their resources will be added to the player’s pool.

The addition of unique hero abilities is also explained, as well as significant changes to air and naval combat. Further details can be found in the developer diary.

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Ben Newman

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