Night School Studio have announced they will be bringing Oxenfree to PlayStation 4 with brand new “Director’s Cut” content on May 31. The critically acclaimed indie thriller was originally released back in January for the Xbox One, as well as OS X and Microsoft Windows through Steam.

In the upgraded version of the game, players will receive alternate endings, new dialogue and locations. Oxenfree‘s Director’s Cut will be made available on all platforms at the same time as the PS4 release, accessed through a New Game+ mode.

Oxenfree is a coming of age tale where players take on the role of Alex, a bright and rebellious teenager, as she brings her new step-brother Jonas to an overnight high school party on a mysterious island. Not long after, everything goes terribly wrong and Alex has to overcome a lot more than just teen anxiety.

With a story inspired by 80s supernatural horror movies, a colorful cartoon art style, and a zoomed-out perspective a la Sword & SworceryOxenfree sets out to evolve and update the adventure game formula.

A Telltale-like dialogue system determines Alex and the other teens’ relationships as their situation spirals out of control. Ultimately, players’ dialogue choices will affect the fates of the characters and can lead to different endings.

The addition of a New Game+ mode is an ingenious way to gate the new content, but explaining how it does so counts as a spoiler. The Oxenfree Director’s Cut will increase replay value and encourage exploring the alternate paths that the story can take.

If you’re interested in the game, check out our review for the original PC release of Oxenfree right here. Stay tuned for further updates on Oxenfree’s PS4 release by following OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter.

Mitchell Ryan Akhurst
Hailing from outback New South Wales, Australia, Mitchell can prattle on about science fiction shooters and tactics-RPGs until the cows come home, but he loves to critique any game in entertaining and informative fashion. He also bears a passion for the real-life stories that emerge out of game development

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