Currently, Red Barrel’s first title, Outlast, is only available on PC and will be available to PS Plus subscribers for the PS4 in February. The studio has not yet announced an Xbox One version of the game, but according to the developers, it’s not out of the question.

A user on Twitter asked the developers if Outlast would be coming to the Xbox One today. We asked the PR handle of Outlast the same question late last year, but all they could tell us was that the developers had not discussed it yet. Today’s answer was a little bit different and quite possibly even hinted at the game coming to the Xbox One. You can read the conversation below.



On Halloween of last year, Red Barrels also announced the first piece of story driven DLC for Outlast titled, ‘Whistleblower‘. From that point forward we haven’t heard a peep about it so we went ahead and asked the developers if they could comment on the status of the DLC today. We were told that there isn’t a release date yet, but they are working hard on the DLC and will be recording dialogue for it next week.

Unfortunately it sounds like it will be a little while longer before we can return to the insane asylums of Outlast. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest on Outlast and the Whistleblower DLC.

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  2. MS so desperate for games on the Bone they’re begging for everyone else’s sloppy seconds.

    1. You mean like all of those online petitions from PS4 fanboys begging for Xbox One games?

      1. What, all those petitions with 12 signatures on them? Newsflash: the vast majority don’t want crap like Cardboardza or Wryte-Off. You can keep them.

        Oh yeah, it’s “you’re.” Idiot. :)

        1. Hardly 12… Ryse alone got over 16000 signatures, try again!

          1. 16,000 out of 4.2 million owners. Wowwwwwww!

            Meanwhile Ryse is still dogshit regardless of what console it’s on and Cevat Yerli is still a conman. Oh well.

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