We recently had the chance to interview a new development team called Red Barrels, which is currently working on what many are calling one of the scariest horror titles of all time, Outlast. Outlast places you in the shoes of reporter Miles Upshur who ventures into an insane asylum to investigate things. From there, he becomes trapped in the asylum and must survive the horrors inside and find a way to escape.

The game mixes stealth with free running using similar mechanics found in Amnesia and Mirror’s Edge. There are no weapons to be found in the game, so running and hiding are really your only options for evading the monsters that are found in the asylum.

We got to ask a number of questions in our interview, but one of the more important notes that we got from the interview is a question that most single player gamers ask before making their purchase on a game. How long is it?


According to Red Barrels and the most recent set of playtesters for the game, it will last about 5 hours. The development team told us, “Our most recent playtests show that the fastest players can get through the game in about 5 hours, but the time varies a lot based on how stealthy you are trying to be, how long you have to hide if an enemy is looking for you, other things like that.” With how scary the game is supposed to be, we’d guess that 5 hours is surely long enough. Considering that Outlast in an indie developed title with a price point that we assume will be in the $15-20 range, 5 hours is actually pretty good.

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Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. wish this game would hurry up and come out i have money in my steam wallet just waiting on it but i will play amnesia until then …

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