Outer Wilds, Madden NFL 15 (Andrew Prahlow interview)

The composer behind Outer Wilds has compared the game to his work on the Madden franchise.

In an exclusive interview with OnlySP, musician Andrew Prahlow was asked about how his work on Outer Wilds compares to his previous work on Madden NFL 15 and Madden NFL 16.

There’s actually a lot more common things to connect between the two,” Prahlow told OnlySP. “On [Madden], I was doing additional music and Mark Petrie was the main composer, so there’s actually a lot of quiet atmosphere. I just created guitar textures in the background to really support his music”

“It’s interesting how composing ambient music can be used in something […] not really based on the music like the Madden franchise,” Prahlow continued. “So it was cool to know that that was something that exists, because I had no idea going into it that I would be creating ambient textures for that game.”

Prahlow spoke more with OnlySP about his work on the game and his time spent with actor and Mobius Digital founder Masi Oka. Check out the full interview tomorrow.

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