The Xbox One really is becoming the “all-in-one” entertainment system.

Answering a fan’s question on Twitter yesterday regarding backwards compatibility for original Xbox games on the Xbox One, Phil Spencer noted that it’s something he regularly asks his team about, but is currently focused on finishing up Xbox 360 backwards compatibility first.

I wouldn’t expect to hear any updates about original Xbox games coming to the Xbox One for quite a while, but when Phil Spencer says he’s looking into something, he usually means it. So, that may spell some very good news for owners of the Xbox One in the future, but who knows.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on this story if we hear any further developments.


Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Personally, I’d like to see them get the Xbox 360’s arcade games (Catan, ticket to ride, carcassonne, etc) on the One before they deal with original Xbox games…

    1. It’s completely up to the developers/publishers for what games come to the Xbox One BC program. Yell at them on Twitter to do so haha :)

  2. A giant leap in terms of backwards compatibility from what is on, or actually ISN’T, on the PS4, but still light-years away from what Nintendo offers on the Wii U. Shame Nintendo doesn’t explore its incredible catalog and offers such few titles, but still, it’s really cool having 30 years of videogame history in Super Mario or Legend of Zelda, for instance, playable on the same console.

  3. That would be nice having access to all three Xbox generations on one console. I feel like when some people criticise remasters and/or backwards compatibility they’re forgetting that most people only have one console and don’t want to spend more on another for the handful of games they want to play. If someone wants to have one of every console that’s fine but most people don’t.

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