Finding a gift for someone during the holidays can be a tricky thing, especially when shopping for a gamer. They probably have everything they want, and buying games can be a tricky endeavour because knowing what they have or will like can be a hassle. The staff at OnlySP have worked together to make a list of sites that offer unique or custom gift ideas. Adding to the experience of being a gamer outside of playing the games can be a great way to surprise someone and add to the hobby.

We at OnlySP hope you enjoy our list and find a great gift for someone, or yourself, we will not tell anyone. We promise.


Featured Websites:


FanFit Gaming is a Canadian company that is creating unique gamer loot, from its well made Neon Lights, to apparel, pins, mouse pads, mugs, flasks and magnetic bottle openers, along with accessories such as pillows and keychains. One unique piece of merchandise the company sells is plush christmas ornaments featuring well known games and console logos.

The Neon Lights are well made and do not give off any heat but emit enough light to illuminate an area and still look good in bright settings. An example of a customer’s purchase can be found here and the accompanying review on the FanFIts About Us page.

The website has an assortment of custom pins that are sure to turn heads that are made with high quality metal and rubber backing. They are secure and do not fall off with continuous wear.

FanFit Gaming also features an assortment of gaming and pop culture inspired flasks and mugs which will make a great addition to any persons gaming battlestation or gaming session.

If someone likes to have bottled drinks then FanFit Gaming has the perfect item for them, bottle openers that attach to fridges and can be wall mounted, featuring a magnet to catch bottle caps for quick opening and forgetting with little to no mess.

A few unique items are the FanFIt Gaming custom pillows with special design, along with its greeting cards and phone cases.

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All their shipping info can be found here.

*DISCLAIMER* FanFit Gaming was gracious enough to give OnlySP a care package of its merchandise for testing, before we decided to add them to the list for the gift guide.*


PinPatchInc is a site that creates custom merchandise surrounding video games, anime, cartoons, and pop culture. With a wide assortment of custom made pins, customers are certain to get something unique that can not be found elsewhere.

A wide assortment of the pins are mash-up designs, fusing various topics for example Darth Mew-Two and PokeBall Z. Other major titles that come up for the collaborations are Rick and Morty, Pokemon, Star Wars, Mario, and Harry Potter. Some activities such as smoking, poker, and eating ramen are also featured in the collection.

The website has special limited edition pins that come up at times, and host contest on its Instagram (@pinpatchinc) where people can win pins. PinPatchInc also features other special items such as a current preorder for a Growlithe x Snuffles Plush Doll (Pokemon x Rick And Morty), that is inspired by one of the custom pins.

Prices are quite reasonable at $9 USD per pin and combined shipping on order with multiple pins. Shipping and other info can be found in their FAQ Page.

Use coupon code “ONLYSP” at checkout to save 25%.

*DISCLAIMER* The author has purchased many pins from PinPatchInc and is happy with the products*

Underworld Shop And Design

Underworld Shop & Design specialize in custom mouse pads and playmats that are 100% polyester with a rubber bottom and machine washable. The company already has a wide assortment of designs but also offers the ability to have custom made mats. The website also offers custom pillow cases and wall scrolls

The website’s current stock has scenes from anime and gaming ready for purchase, but also offers the ability to make a completely custom mat with varying sizes through its website. Underworld Shop & Design offers discounts on bulk orders.

If someone has an idea of a scene or character, or have an image they would like turned into a mouse pad, Underworld can make that a reality. Having a unique or custom portion of any gaming area is a nice addition. Underworld is also willing to help those in need of finding the right design or picture that best suits what they want.

With the ability to have a custom pad, people will be able to finally get the design they want, or have a mashup of some of their favourite characters. An example could be taking a person’s main fighter in many games and building a roster picture out of them.

Fire & Steel

Fire and Steel is a blacksmithing and cosplay manufacturer, creating replica swords and weapons in both metal and foam as well as shields and wearable helmets for that special someone who would love to wield the weapon of a specific character for either cutting watermelons and water bottles, to larping or cosplay Fire and Steel has merchandise that will fit everyone’s needs and wants.

With a high level of quality control, customers are guaranteed a product they love. For people looking for something specific that Fire and Steel does not have, they can email the site and get a quote if the site can make the custom item.

The products are life size and can be wielded like an actual weapon; purchaser, be cautious.

Some items include replica swords from The Witcher and Zelda, replica wands from Harry Potter, and foam guns and swords from various other games, movies, anime, and pop culture.

One very cool item is Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII, which can be disassembled into six blades.

Use coupon code “ONLYSP10” to save 10%, works store wide and stacks on sale items.

The company offers fair flat rate shipping on all order and can ship international. To find applicable rates click here.

Insert Coin

InsertCoin is a UK based apparel company specializing in video game inspired clothing. The site offers a wide assortment of different types of merchandise, from jackets, to vests, bags, and tee-shirts.

One very cool feature about Insert Coin is that viewers can change the currency at the click of a button to see an estimate that would resemble what someone would pay in USD or Euro.

The site also allows people to search for products via games to help pin down any specific title they are looking for.

Some of the site’s premium products include reversible jackets and hoodies with direct inspiration from video games, such as a God of War Kratos hoodie available for preorder.

All designs are limited edition, once they are sold out or retired they will be gone. To find out about upcoming designs check out the website’s blog for new products.

The site also offers two mystery bundles: one that comes with three random tees and one that comes with a tee and two premium products.

Use code “ONLYSP20” at checkout to save 20% on all items except bundles, vouchers and charity items. The code will be valid until June 30, 2019.

For shipping info click here and for shipping deadlines for the holidays click here.


While EMP is mainly a heavy metal clothing and accessory company, it does offer a lot of merchandise based on video games and pop culture. The site offers many designs influencing clothing, toys, housewares, and accessories.

Aside from gaming inspired clothing, EMP offers a wide assortment of posters and flags that have a variety of different art styles and properties to pick from and a jewelry section. Some examples are armbands that feature game logos or come from specific games.

The housewares section features many drinking products, pop vinyls, notebooks, blind boxes, and pictures.

Some of the other items available for purchase include puzzles and toys. Some of the toys are plush versions of many game characters and gift sets that come with a mug and/or glass, a coaster, and keychain. One thing to note is that EMP has an old school plug and play retro controller that comes with 200 games.

A nice aspect of the site is that it offers other products for movies, pop culture, and most notably heavy metal, so purchasing a wide assortment of gifts or cover many people all at once is simple.

The site offers a special membership for UK residents of £9.95 for free delivery and special offers.

For more info on shipping in the UK click here and international shipping please click here.


INOMNOM is a smaller site that has an assortment of apparel, pouches, pins, stickers, and art prints around food and video games.

The art style used is akin to a chibi anime art style. While the selection is not large, it has some great items and artwork that are high quality to look at, as these products are not stocked in a big box store people are guaranteed to get something unique.

Shipping to Canada and the United States is free and a flat rate of $5 for worldwide.

For more info on shipping please click here.

Use promo code “ONLYSP” at check out to save 10% on all orders above $10.

*DISCLAIMER* The author has purchased a gift from INOMNOM before at a convention and is pleased with the product.*


Merchoid is an apparel and merchandise company that partners with brands to make high-quality products.

The site offers people some more unique items such as special Christmas sweaters, lights, coins, and so forth. With a wide assortment of products that also span into comics, movies and television, the site is sure to have something to please everyone.

People can search by brands, such as Nintendo, Fallout, PlayStation, and so forth to find what they want but can do an overall search of a type a product such as clothing or housewares.

Some other products Merchoid offer are bags, plushies, coasters, Christmas stockings, and so forth.

For more info on the site and shipping click here.

Glitch Artwork

Glitch Artwork is a company that makes special video game inspired shadow boxes, 3D pixel art pictures in a deep frame. The art pieces cover older games such Street FIghter, Metroid, Zelda, and Mega Man.

Most pieces come in two forms: the normal form and cartridge holders. Customers have a few options with the cartridge holder version as they can have a replica for the sake of the art, have it come with a real one, or come without so people can put in their own game.

The creators at Glitch Artwork made a video showcasing how the products are made and can be found here.

To save 15% on all orders use coupon code “ANOTHERCASTLE” at checkout.

For info on shipping click here. Residents of Canada and United States receive free shipping,


GeekStudio is an Etsy shop that holds many cool and unique items. Some of the products are pins and patches, but people can also buy special themed candles, and cosmetics in the form of lip balms and lotions.

An assortment of Tee Shirts and bracelets are also available with unique sayings.

The items in the shop are inspired by gaming and pop culture. The shop has something for everyone.

Gift packages are also available, which are surprise boxes filled with an array of merchandise that are focused around different topics.

One cool feature is the LGBTQ+ supportive items such as the Gaymer Pin and Pride Cone Pin.

Use Promo code ONLYSP at checkout to get 10% off of the purchase. To receive an item for Christmas, please order by December 10, 2018.


Dream Tee is a design and production company that has a wide assortment of custom shirts.

The company offers many fully custom items such as hats, hoodies, tee-shirts, playmats, game markers, and metal prints.

Once orders are placed, the Dream Tee team will reach out to find out what image or customization the customer would like and then start work on creating the desired item.

The site advertises free shipping on all orders that are over $100, which makes making a fully custom outfit and accompanying gaming components easier as one will not have to worry about shipping.

Jisu Design

Jisu Design is an artist and illustrator that makes many amazingly well done prints and charms. She also does commissions for full Illustrations, chibi illustrations, and monochromatic frame stills.

Art prints are on 100lb gloss high contrast paper, that is sure to look spectacular framed or just hung up as is.

The acrylic charms are cute and look great. The art is clear and some also have a reverse side with a different image making for more unique charms.

Jisu’s art is inspired by video games, anime, and pop culture, making the process of finding something enjoyable in the collection simple.


Featured Artist:

Continuing the list, OnlySP would like to add a section focusing on artist. The artists shown in the list set up booths at conventions and sell their work online. All artists in this list attended the EGLX convention in Toronto. Supporting local artists is a great way to find unique items and possibly commissions for something completely custom. One way to find cool local artists is to look at the artist listing of local conventions and shows to see who is active and sells their work.

OnlySP hopes you find something that is truly spectacular from the list of artists.

Pixel Parasite

Pixel Parasite is an artist named Daryl who makes high-end Perler Art. To purchase his work, message him on Instagram or Facebook. Daryl showcases how his work is made and why it is high quality on his Twitch streams.

His Perler art is done with a large amount of quality control to make sure the product he offers is durable and sustainable. Despite being plastic, they can be bent and banged around with ease of mind of not falling apart on an accident. The backs are completely flat and look more solid of a color than most perler art which is partially transparent, adding to the quality of the product.

Pixel Parasite art comes in various sizes from keychains to pieces that are larger than a person’s head, making for a great wall art.

With a growing catalogue of completely unique designs, he still offers art from various games and animes. Commissions are welcome and he ships worldwide.

Legendary Builds

Legendary Builds focuses on making custom pop vinyls. For inquiries and pricing, send a message on Instagram or Facebook.

The pop vinyls are made from already existing characters and altered to create brand new items that are unique items. Some items are custom from the ground up using blank pop vinyls.

Legendary Builds also offers 3D printing for specific designs that someone may want.


NerdyLazorz is an artist that features many pieces of her work on Etsy, featuring characters from Yakuza, Overwatch, and Life Is Strange.

Some products that are purchasable are body pillow case, key chains and charms, and art prints.


GeekyCutie features many items based on anime, cartoons, and video games on her Etsy page. Some products are also made to show support for the LGBTQ+ community, with special designs to go with it.

The shop has buttons, charms and keychains, art prints, tee-shirts, and stickers.

Dara Gold Art

Dara is the artist behind Gold Tea Art, and is a professional artist who makes tea infused illustrations on the side. Her art has a watercolor-esque look while being slightly abstract to create a unique and fun look. To purchase her art or to get a commision, contact her through Facebook or Instagram.

Having artwork made by tea is a great conversation starter, and still looks perfect after months.

*DISCLAIMER* A friend of OnlySP has purchased art from Dara Gold and still looks great to this day*

This list was compiled to help bring awareness to many other ways to acquire gifts for people. This list is not sponsored nor was OnlySP paid to feature anyone on the list. Any interaction outside of making this list is the author’s and anyone’s personal choice and made through freewill.

Please note that shipping to and from Canada may be delayed due to the Canadian Union of Postal Workers Strike.

Chris Hepburn
Chris is a born and raised Canadian, Eh. He has a passion for game design and the community behind games, what they can teach and the subtle points games can make. He is a college graduate of Game Development with a specialization in Animation. Always looking to learn something new with passions in all things nerdy and human nature.

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