It’s finally here guys, the Summer Giveaway and our Patreon…

This Week in Review will be pretty much a blog post for me detailing how this whole thing came together over the last two months and with today being launch day, I’m both excited and tired at the same time. The next two weeks are going to be probably the busiest two weeks of 2015 for me.

Since we decided back in May that we were going to go forward with taking the site to Patreon, I’ve been working on our campaign, increasing our social media reach, writing news, editorials and fixing up the site almost non-stop. I’ve even recorded a few videos of my own in the process. My week pretty much has consisted of me working on the site from the moment I wake up on Sunday till I go out on Friday evenings.

Putting together the Patreon and the Summer Giveaway was a lot of work. I wrote and rewrote our Patreon pitch over and over again until I was mostly satisfied with how it read, developed art for it, wrote my first ever press release which goes out tomorrow and so on. Then there was the Summer Giveaway which had me emailing dozens of developers who might be interested in supporting it, writing a media release for that, developing art, videos, posts, social media and tons of other things you wouldn’t find all that interesting. It’s the most work I think I’ve ever done on the site, and that’s not even counting E3 next week.

“Bangs head on desk”

Tell you what though, every time I see a new subscriber on Youtube, a follower on Twitter, or a like on Facebook, that tells me what we’re doing is worth it and that we’ll get there some day. Going to Patreon seems like it would be a no-brainer, but for some reason it’s nerve wracking at the same time. Maybe it’s because asking for help or support isn’t the easiest thing to do (for me), but when you’re looking to expand a business such as this, I suppose everyone is going to need a helping hand at some point. Especially a college student…lol.

I didn’t want to go to Patreon, however, until I knew we had the capacity to really build a community of like minded gamers, and over the past two months we’ve significantly increased engagement with our readers. Sure, everyone loves giveaways, because who doesn’t like free stuff, but you’ve also really followed through with our requests to share our content to a larger audience. Our traffic hasn’t really increased all that much, but our reach on Facebook has grown from 1-200 people seeing our posts, to 6-700 and even sometimes more. My Fallout 4 editorial reached over 2000 people and had around 46 likes for example.

That was all thanks to one person who shared it, then someone else shared it, and so on. And that’s why we’re going all out for the Summer Giveaway series this year. Obviously the goal of it is to significantly expand our social media reach, but at the same time it’s our way of giving back to you, our readers, who support us day in and out. We’ve gone three years now on a tiny budget, and I believe it’s finally time to expand what we’re doing.

The first step in that process is to begin paying our writers freelance rates and make sure they’re getting value for their work. The team we have right now has been the most consistent team I’ve had since the original team of writers had to move on in 2013. They deserve your support for the work they do, as I believe it’s of a quality that you don’t get among many other outlets. They’re true gaming enthusiasts, and if the past few weeks have shown me anything, we need more of those.

The second step is to begin paid advertising for the site to further our reach through Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. Every day, I read comments on gaming websites asking, “where are all the single player games at?”, and I’m basically sitting in my chair here screaming at my monitor, “we’re right here dammit!” But, obviously they don’t hear that and we can just go around spamming our name everywhere. Running a business isn’t free, and having gone three years now at this rate is starting to catch up with us. However, doing some paid advertising will hopefully convert into a larger social media reach and thus higher traffic numbers, which equals more ad revenue for us and more content for you.

And right now, those are the two steps were moving towards. We have the content, we have the writers, we’re building the community and we’re working on expanding. With your help, we’ll get there. So if you enjoy reading our content, or watching our videos, we’d ask that you please support us and help us grow. Community and games come first here at OnlySP and that’s the way it’s always going to be.

To quote the Dark Knight…

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. You folks got me back into gaming, which I had missed dearly. Your giveaway gave me the boost I needed to make a Steam account and discover new titles, but also my ability to keep gaming even with little. You have grown so much and I hope you keep growing. Best of luck with Patreon and I hope you get some good rest after the Summer Giveaway, Nick. You’ve worked hard. Thank you for all the effort and the great outcome of it!

    1. I shall rest once E3 is done lol.

      1. Well, still better than “when I am dead”! See? Bright side! XD

        1. That is if E3 doesn’t kill me haha.

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