Welcome back to another OnlySP Week in Review! Boy was last week crazy, and our E3 coverage is continuing through out the rest of this week as we finish up our hands-on impressions, interviews and more. Our writers seemingly had a great time at the convention and Nick Plessas will be bringing you an E3 experience video in the coming days so you can get an idea of what it’s like to work at the convention.

As for what’s gone on at OnlySP over the past week, it was mostly just news coverage of E3 2015. There’s not a whole lot to talk about there and quite honestly, I’m pretty burnt out from all the writing. I wrote over 100 stories during the week of E3 for the site, which is twice the amount I’ve ever done for an E3 convention so I took this weekend off and headed home to have some real, non-college food and spend some time with the family around the campfire.

If you’re wondering what I’m most excited for out of E3 2015, well to be frank, quite a lot. Ever since Horizon: Zero Dawn was even teased I’ve been excited to see what it was all about and when Guerrilla Games finally revealed it on stage at the Sony E3 2015 press conference, I was blown away. The game’s concept is something entirely new, the graphics looked stunning and the gameplay looked incredibly fun and dynamic.

I was also very much impressed by our early look at Gears of War 4, and while the demo didn’t show much, it definitely wasn’t what I expected and that’s what excited me the most. It’ll be interesting to see where The Coalition takes the story of Gears of War considering it’s after the events of Gears of War 3. I’m curious to see if the game even takes place on the planet Sera still. And, as you all know I’m a Halo fanboy so I was excited to see our first campaign footage of Halo 5: Guardians.

There’s plenty more I’m excited about, but I’ll save all that for future editorials. However, we have lined up an exciting interview for July for a newly announced Xbox One indie game that you may be surprised to see her. Once we saw the game in action though, we knew we needed to know more about it.

As for my personal gaming update I really didn’t have much time to game over the past couple weeks. I did pick up a copy of Portal 2 again during the Steam Summer Sale as I never got to finish it before I turned in my Xbox 360 to get the Xbox One. The game still looks pretty darn gorgeous on the PC even after all these years and the voice acting is still just as funny as I remember it. GlaDOS is one of my favorite characters at this point I think.

To wrap up, with the end of our Summer Giveaway we’ll be returning to offering a new giveaway each week here on OnlySP through our Week in Review. This week, we’ll be giving away a code for Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn, which happens to be a sequel to one of my all-time favorite games. To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is leave your own Week in Review down in the comments section.

Don’t forget that our Patreon has started as well and so far we haven’t had many people pledge at this point. More than likely this is because we can’t offer reward tiers at this point in time. We have a few ideas for reward tiers, but we’ll need to go through some further discussion before we move forward with them.

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  1. Spent all of last week playing Witcher 3 and watching/reading E3 coverage. Gotta say that I agree that Horizon looks like the most interesting title overall… but if I could choose one title to play right now: I’d still go with Cuphead. That little sidescroller just blew me away with it’s amazing & unique art style. Can’t wait to play it!

  2. Not much to say. I just had fun playing the monster summer game.

  3. Another week of Witcher 3. I think I’m getting close to the finish now, although according to the percentage complete stat, I’m only 30% done. But 60 hours of playtime says different. Got to finish this up soon so I can get to the new Batman game!

  4. I just started replaying portal 2 last week also! It’s one of my favorite games in recent history and I just had the need to replay it and start thinking with portals (and gels) again. And I finished off Dragon Age Origins/Awakening last week too, so the road is clear to inquisition (I previously played DA II)

    So, I also started tearaway on my vita, and DA: Inquisition on the PS4.

    I try to exercise gaming bigamy where I have one portable title and one home title at a time, but for portal 2 I broke that “rule”. :-)

  5. cool

  6. I bought a bunch of games and DLC on the Steam Summer Sale. I had around $105 in my steam wallet, now down to $0.36 :P But I think my best friend spent more than me based on the activity in the feed.
    I tried that Steam Monster Summer game every day for the trading cards, I noticed that enemies would get killed instantly as soon as the wave started so I’m guessing people were cheating that game? My brother was in a lobby where he got to wave 1,300,000+
    My friend and I both got the DX11 Dark Souls 2, he’s only played a little of the first Dark Souls, so we’ll see how that goes.

  7. nice

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