Hello everyone and welcome back to another Week in Review here at OnlySP. These last few weeks have been relatively quiet in terms of gaming news, but we’ve been posting up quite a bit of content none the less, and we don’t plan on slowing down.

In terms of gaming news, it was a relatively light week. Off the top of my head, there weren’t really any notable announcements this week so there’s not a lot to cover there. My discussion about Definitive Editions, Remasters and Remakes generated quite a bit of discussion and it was actually very interesting to see that nobody really has a “definitive” answer for what each of these editions really are. It’s unfortunate we don’t have a larger audience, because I think that’s a discussion publishers really need to have. There’s way too much misleading information in the gaming industry these days.

But, drama aside it has been a pretty productive week here at OnlySP. Our media team is currently in the production stages for new feature content that will air during the first week of August. Ian Jones is currently working on the pilot episodes for a series of videos that will take a critical look at some of the deeper sidequests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and other games, discussing the story, themes and literary elements. I’m excited to see how the videos turn out, and we hope you all check them out.

Jay started off his new editorial series of videos this past week with a discussion centering around modern military FPS games and their need to be more diverse when it comes to their storylines. You can check out the pilot episode for that series right here. We’re still working on a series name for the videos, but if you have any ideas let us know.

If you’ve been awaiting the return of the OSP Podcast, you won’t be waiting much longer. It’s in the planning stages, and we’re going to reboot it with an entirely new show called The Singularity Podcast. The name is a bit catchier, and the podcast will be centered more around entertainment this time around than just gaming news. We’re excited to get it started, and will be sure to actually get it up on iTunes and other podcast services this time around. I’m aiming to have the podcast up and running by the middle of August, so stay tuned for more news on that.

August is going to be a big month for interviews here at OnlySP. Not only do we have some big titles lined up for you, we’re also going to be starting a new interview series in which we speak to industry veterans and get their opinions on games journalism, and the industry as a whole. We’ve got two BIG names lined up already for this series, with more invites going out later this week. We’ll reveal the first person we’re speaking with in next week’s, Week in Review.

PERSONAL GAMING UPDATE[divider type=”thick”]

As for what I did this week in terms of gaming…well, not a whole lot. I did my review for PGA Tour, but aside from that I’ve been spending most of my gaming hours playing NHL 15 in online vs mode. My roommate and I have probably spent way too much time playing the game, but we’re quickly climbing the ranks online. Once NHL 16 comes around in September, we’ll probably be unstoppable, but feel free to prove us wrong. If you wanna play online, leave a comment below and I’d be happy to take you on.

Oh, I did finally finish the Battlefield 4 campaign mode, and as I expected, there really was no point in finishing it. The ending was super lame and I kinda wish I had 3 hours of my day back from yesterday, but whatever, I can finally cross it off my backlog list.

Now that The Vanishing of Ethan Carter console edition is finally available, I’ll probably run through that this week, but aside from that, I’ve got some Hells on Wheels, Wayward Pines and How I Met Your Mother to watch so I’ll be plenty busy. Aside from all the site stuff I gotta do. Which reminds me, I haven’t had any reports of any issues with the new server, so it looks like we’re in the clear from those 522 errors we were having. If you do have any issues be sure to let us know.

This week, I’ll be ending our Week in Review with a giveaway code for Into the Stars on Steam Early Access, so be sure to enter in for that giveaway, and if you support our Patreon, be sure to grab your five extra entries.

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  1. Ah, I need to finish the BF4 campaign as well. Haven’t touched that literally since launch day. Only 3 hours, though? Shouldn’t be too bad.

  2. My week was short, with not much time to play. But I could play some Terraria 1.3 because I wanted to check what’s new inside, and God I love these updates, makes the game enjoyable again. I think I’m gonna start a new game for comparison. A small update but tons of new content so far.

  3. Been playing Rust a lot these days on moderately populated servers. No people is not challenging and becomes boring, and too many frustrate the hell of me. I plan to start playing the Forest, just too bad there’s no multiplayer, yet.

    1. The Forest has co-op already, it’s pretty buggy though.

  4. I finished up South Park: The Stick of Truth, then I started a new game on the weekend to get the collectibles I missed and get the remaining achievements. I wanted to play some ARK but it seems like I’m spending more time downloading these updates and I’m pretty sure all my dinosaurs are dead. Hoping there is a massive optimization update sometime soon so I don’t have to play on lowest settings.

    1. I downloaded ARK, but haven’t been able to touch it cause of how badly it runs on my PC. Probably need to upgrade in the very near future…

  5. I’m trying to avoid spoilers until I get the game, so I won’t be able to watch those Witcher 3: Wild Hunt videos yet. I’ve been meaning to watch Hell on Wheels, though. That giveaway game looks awesome! I usually avoid Early Access titles, but sometimes it’s worth a try.

  6. As far as remasters and remakes go, I feel there’s a big difference between the two and the terms are often used interchangeably when they shouldn’t be.

  7. Yeah that bf4 story was sad and not in a good way. I beat it in one sitting during the Origin Gametime 48 hour thing. I’ve been playing Kerbal Space Program and can’t get enough.

  8. It seems if the game is mainly for multiplayer they don’t want to work so much in the multiplayer, look at the Star Wars Battlefront, not even a campaign but maybe it is better than a bad one.

    And this week I was playing Binding of Isaac Rebirth, I played the original a lot and this one it runs smoother but the difficulty is still high and the cooperative mode isn’t a big thing, but again the game is still very addictive.

  9. Oh I played the vanishing of ethan carter too on PC and it was an awesome game, I loved theme of the game a lot and I’m sure you will love it when you play it console, for an indie game it is pretty amazing.

  10. For me the week was intense with Wolfenstein: Old Blood, the game is totally worth it and it brings a lot of nostalgia, For a fps of these days, it is totally worth it, I hope the developers can make more awesome games like that.

  11. A friend of mine wanted to play Skullgirls, after I played through the story once we tried versus and I was terrible. Especially with Painwheel. I also got to try out Amnesia: The Dark Descent for the first time, really scary game.

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