Hello everyone,

Sorry about missing the Week in Review last week. E3 was much more stressful for me this year than I had anticipated and within two days of coming home I had to drive my cat back to Nebraska as he was very sick. Unfortunately, I learned that Monday that his kidneys had failed and by Friday my best friend had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. So, not in the best of places right now and that’s partially why content has been a little lacking on my end for the past couple weeks.

E3 didn’t really go as well as I had planned for. We didn’t get as much coverage as I had wanted and some other internal things caused it to be much more stressful than I needed it to be. Luckily, we met a lot of people we’ve worked with over the past few years, got some good hands-on coverage and I (unexpectedly) did quite a few on-camera interviews.

However, as some of you may have noticed, our content has been a little slow over the past few months and we haven’t exactly been living up to some of the promises we made. In light of this we’re currently going through a content restructure here on OnlySP to try and get things back on track once more, and that comes with…some changes.

As much as we like to provide you with long-form feature interviews they’re not providing us with the feedback that we expected. They aren’t being shared across platforms like NeoGAF or Reddit like we had hoped for and are largely being ignored by the places we do post them. In light of this, we’ll be scaling our long-form features back to once a month for the moment. However, we will be returning to magazine-style interviews to keep interviews prominent here on OnlySP.

We will be adding a new goal tier on Patreon for those of you who want to see our long-form interviews more often. This new goal will make the long-form features more feasible financially and allow us to promote them through social channels to garner higher visibility.

I’m incredibly proud of the long-form interview pieces we write on OnlySP, but for the amount of time our writers put into them, the return just isn’t enough at the moment. So we have to focus on increasing our audience size before bringing them back in some capacity. And I’m going to be blunt here. It’s very unfortunate that more people don’t read them as they truly are high quality journalistic pieces. Part of the problem is that my social media game isn’t all that strong, but on the other hand, it’s up to our community to share these pieces on social sites so more people can read them. It’s highly looked down upon if we try to do any self-promotion of these pieces on NeoGAF or Reddit or other similar sites, otherwise I’d love to share them.

I guess, because we make money for working, we’re not allowed to share our work on sites like that and it’s immediately dubbed “spam” regardless if it’s good content or not.

Overall our audience should be much bigger than it is with the content that we produce. Unfortunately, with our lack of focus on providing more “clickable” content, we’ve sort of lost a good chunk of our audience over the past two years when we made the switch to focus on features over regular content. We’re not dying by any means, but our audience needs to grow year after year to continue operations. Now, this doesn’t mean we’re going to produce shitty click-bait content here on OnlySP. I absolutely refuse to do that. But we will post more content that will drive traffic to the site.

I apologize if some of these changes disappoint you, but we as a team have to do what we can to make sure OnlySP continues to grow as a site and our current plan just isn’t working as well as we had hoped it would. It irks me to no end that sites that actual journalism is overlooked, whether it’s OnlySP or any other outlet that produces high quality work. It gets to me enough that it makes me almost want to quit this business entirely, but after what has happened over the last few weeks, I can’t quit…and I won’t.

– Nick

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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