Hey everyone, site owner Nick Calandra here,

With the end of the year upon us, I wanted to let you all know our plans for the upcoming year. As you may have noticed, things slowed down quite considerably during this fourth quarter. Quite a few members of the OnlySP team left following the big Summer growth we had, gaming news died down considerably, and of course, many of us have been bogged down in school work over the last few months. Unfortunately, none of us here can work on the site full time…yet.

But, that doesn’t mean we’re going anywhere! Just as I did last year, I’ve been working on restructuring OnlySP a bit to make sure we’re ready for the upcoming year, because as you’re all well aware, it’s a huge year for entertainment media all across the board.

So, as the new year dawns, we’re currently working on beefing up the OnlySP team again, and doing our best to find writers that want to be here for the long run and not just a stint. We’re working on creating a team that is much closer with the community than we ever have been before and will be a recognizable face across the site. Considering we still can only work writers on a volunteer basis, you’ll still see writers come and go no doubt, but hopefully on a less frequent basis as you’ve seen before.

As for OnlySP’s ambitious plans introduced last summer, well, we won’t be doing that again for a while. The site had a huge growth spurt and we were all pretty excited by it, but got a bit ahead of ourselves. However, what we are working on should excite all of our readers who enjoyed our interviews this past year. We had planned to do those interviews year round, but they soon became stagnant as we asked the same questions over and over again. This year will be much different.

Our new interview series, which aires on the first of January will take you on a journey from the concept of a game, to its current stage of development and will also provide you as much detail as possible regarding the game being covered. It’s a feature that we hope to have available for you once a week, provided by both James Billcliffe, one of our newest writers (say hello!) and your ever so famous editor in chief, Lachlan Williams. You’ll see some new formatting choices in those articles that will add some more visual flair to our articles.

In addition to new features like that, you can expect the usual editorials, news content, reviews and previews that we have always provided.

Another feature we’re looking to bring back is our Youtube channel. After Adam left the channel earlier this year we didn’t really have the time to manage it and add more content as the school season dawned. So, unfortunately, the channel had to take a hiatus so we could focus on our written content which will always come first. However, in our new application we are looking to bring on a new media producer for the channel so hopefully we’ll have news on that soon.

If you’re also interested in knowing how much OnlySP grew since last year, we’re sitting at just over 1.8 unique million visitors for the year, which is double the traffic we achieved last year. It’s been a great year in and out for the site and hopefully 2015 will be the best year yet as we enter our third year of publication. Can’t believe it’s been that long already!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave a comment and I’ll address it. If you know somebody who might be interested in working with us at OnlySP, send them on over to our application link! We need game reviewers badly, as well as media people and news writers! But mostly game reviewers!

Hope you all have a wonderful December and be on the lookout for a surprise on December 25th!

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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