OnlySP is about to enter its fifth year of publication. Can you believe that? Because I can’t…I feel old. It’s not our fifth anniversary yet, that’s next year, but this will be the fifth year that OnlySP has been around already.

2015 was a great year for OnlySP. We achieved so much as a site in other ways than just obtaining traffic. Even though a number of our big feature interviews didn’t get viewed all that much, I’m proud that our writers put the time into them anyways because there’s not a lot of other gaming sites out there that try every week to bring you a big piece of quality content to read. You can either be like every other site out there and get all your traffic from baseless rumors and all the other junk that’s out there, or you can take the long road and try to offer something different. That’s what I learned this year while running OnlySP. We didn’t obtain as much traffic this year, but that’s okay. We’re transitioning to a feature-focused site, and that’s going to better us in the long run.

And in reality, the only reason we didn’t surpass last year’s traffic numbers was because we hardly relied on N4G this year as a traffic source until the very end. That’s something we’ve been working towards since OnlySP started.

If your curious about how much traffic we received in 2015, here’s some numbers for you to gloss over:

Unique Visitors – 1.34 Million

Page Views – 1.78 million

Top Article – Crytek’s Virtual Reality Tech Demo Made Me Fear For My Life, and That’s A Good Thing – 68K views

Obviously with the new year starting, we’re going to try and hit that 2 million visitor mark this year, but our main focus is still providing you with top quality content to read, as well as continuing our efforts to really build a strong community of single player gamers.

Here’s some of the things were either bringing back or starting up in 2016:

Spotlight Features

Weekly Interview Features

Narrative Analysis

Reader Discussions

Soundtrack Spotlights

Indie Round-up

More Livestreams


More Video Coverage

And other ideas you’ll see in the future

Our first Spotlight feature of the year will go into heavy detail on the development of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the history behind the game and plenty more. We’re super excited to get the first entry into the Spotlight series out in the open, so we hope you are too! Our first exclusive interview feature of the year is also a big one: What Remains of Edith Finch. Be on the lookout for that this week.

Thank you to every person that visited, shared, talked about and commented on our work this past year. All of us here at OnlySP hope we provided you with content that you enjoyed reading this year, and plan to do so for many years to come. 2016 is looking bright for single player games, and we hope you join us for another exciting year.

Thank you.

– Nick Calandra

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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