It’s that time of year again… wait… is it?

Nope not that time of year, that happens on June 10th. This time of year is the time of year where OnlySP gives away as many games as we can to you, the reader – and this year we have a lot to celebrate. I suppose I’ll use this post to notify you of a few upcoming updates.

First of all, the site has grown exponentially this year. We’re already edging up on almost 800,000 visits this year, which is only 146,000 behind what we reached during the whole of last year. We could be looking at triple the stats that we hit last year within the difference of a year, and to say that’s a small accomplishment would be low-balling it. Our community is continually growing, adding new comments to the site everyday, which is also fantastic to see. We hope we’ve been providing you the best coverage a single player site could provide since our restructure in January of this year.

This month alone we’re going to surpass 200,000 visits which is 50,000 more than our previous highest month on record stats wise, so again, thank you, we wouldn’t be here without you!

In our second announcement, I’m happy to say that our podcast will be returning with Mike Cosimano, John Michonski and of course our very own Adam McDermott. We have some exciting plans in store for the show including spoiler discussions, up to date commentary on upcoming single player titles, impression discussion and, of course, exclusive developer interviews. We’re looking into multiple formats for how we’ll present the podcast, but we’ll keep you updated.

In addition, OnlySP is proud to announce a partnership with Mike Cosimano and John Michonski to bring you a separate podcast, unrelated to whatever we call the OnlySP Podcast. This second podcast will provide a new side of entertainment that you haven’t seen from OnlySP before and will be a much more lighthearted podcast that we hope you come to enjoy. Their name for the podcast is Video Game Choo Choo and you can visit their site right now and listen to a few samples if you’d like. We’ll be adding our logo to Video Game Choo Choo soon so be sure to welcome Mike and John to the OnlySP staff.

As for the summer giveaway, we’re working on a livestream schedule, but in the meantime, we’ll get started with a contest for a prize pack of codes. This pack will include the following items:

Outlast Steam Code

Ether One Steam Code

Gone Home Steam Code

We’re going to need a name for the OnlySP podcast, so, in the comments section leave your idea and the name we select for the OSP podcast will receive the games listed above. You can enter as many names as you like.

As for the rest of the giveaway series, we’re a little behind on getting codes for more titles to giveaway, but we’ll be doing livestreams of recently released games, doing more RT contests on Twitter and of course Facebook contests to give out the codes. This giveaway series is our thanks to you for the support your provide us year round, so thank you all for your continued support.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Ready Player One Podcast

  2. Singleplayer radio

  3. “We’re already edging up on almost 800,000 visits this year, which is only 146,000 behind what we reached during the whole of last year.”

    Whoa! Congrats! I hope “that time of the year” will give a well deserved boost to those numbers. ;)

    Now, some podcast name ideas:

    1- Singleplayers Only! Podcast
    2- Story Mode Podcast
    3- Lone Player, Long Play Podcast (awful)

    1. Oh man, we have a lot planned even leading up to E3. Coverage from us is going to be on par with the big boys I can promise you that.

    2. I was wondering… the contest is a good idea, but what’s the problem with “OnlySP Podcast”? Why not use that as its name, I mean. Sounds just fine to me. :0

      1. Well we might haha, you just made an entry with that :p We wanna see what other ideas people have.

  4. “Splitscreen – An OnlySP Podcast” since you’re “inviting” others over to listen to your content. Although, I like Daniel’s idea for “Player One Podcast”.

    1. Yea I like that idea too. But then we’d have the issue of someone creating a Player Two Podcast ;p

  5. Campaign Mode

  6. “DLC – An OnlySP Podcast” / “Downloadable Content – An OnlySP Podcast”
    “Patch 101 – An OnlySP Podcast”
    “The Patch – An OnlySP Podcast”
    “Patch Notes – An OnlySP Podcast”

  7. Name’s Joshpro8423 if ya don’t know.

    Try, Lone Ranger – An OnlySP Podcast…

  8. OnlyPod.

  9. What about Massively SinglePlayer?

  10. The Fun-icular. It has fun in it.

    1. I mean, sure nobody knows what a funicular is but still. Fun.

  11. “ONLYSPectacular podcast” as you only bring us spectacular news, games, reviews, and previews. All things games.

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