The next greatest video games convention is almost upon us and Only Single Player are going to be there, bringing you the latest hands-on previews of all your anticipated games, as well as the latest news and updates on any announcements made.

Eurogamer Expo has seen its attendance increase year on year, with this month’s convention set to be the most popular yet. With hotly anticipated games such as Assassin’s Creed 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and Dishonored all available to play on the show floor, it’s no surprise that the public are flocking to London in eager expectation.

A Hands-On Preview of Assassin’s Creed 3? Oh, alright then…

There’s also a great range of talented developers at the convention, including Bethesda, Capcom, and EA to name but a few. The presence of such behemoths in the industry speaks volumes about the importance of Eurogamer Expo as a channel for which the public can test the latest products in gaming.

This is supported by daily tournaments, competitions, a dedicated Indie and Retro zone, as well as the Games Industry Fair which offers budding gamers the opportunity of a future career in games development. If this wasn’t enough, the Expo also encourages and supports Cosplay, so we can expect to see a great range of your favourite video game characters on show. Expect photos of these right here at Only Single Player!

Expect more hilarious pictures like this come September 27th.

The Eurogamer Expo commences in just over a week, beginning the 27th September, and concluding on the 30th September. Further details about the expo can be found HERE, whilst those interested in attending can apply for tickets HERE.

Including the aforementioned games, you can also expect hands-on previews of Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, Halo 4 and Hitman: Absolution, amongst many more. For a full list of all of the games being showcased at this year’s Eurogamer Expo, click HERE.

These people are obviously rushing to Microsoft’s booth to play Halo 4. What’s that? Oh, this IS Halo 4.

Make sure to let us know in the comments below which games you’re dying to get more information from! Only Single Player will try it’s best to prioritise these games first, ensuring you get the information when you want it. Any questions for the developers? Post these also, and any interviews we conduct will feature your queries.

There’s also a wide range of Developer Sessions to look forward to, including presentations dedicated to Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Remember Me, and Tomb Raider. Expect full updates on these games, with any new announcements being brought to you first.

She obviously didn’t get her ticket for Eurogamer Expo…

So what game are you looking forward to most? What piece of information are you desperate to have given? Which developer do you want interrogated profusely with no option to remain silent? Let us know in the comments below, and Only Single Player will bring you all of this, as and when you demand it.

Daniel Martyniuk
Editor for Only Single Player - Daniel likes Single Player experiences so much, he once locked himself in his room for a year without food or water to pay homage to the solo adventure. Now back from the dead, Daniel can often be found perusing over the latest developments within the industry, whilst celebrating after successfuly completing XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Classic Ironman. Suck on that aliens! You can also follow and harrass me on Twitter @DanMightyNuke. Let me know what you think of the solo experience!

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  1. I am definitively looking forward Halo 4 the most! Some ZombiU info would be nice too :).

  2. I am definitively looking forward Halo 4 the most! Some ZombiU info would be nice too :).

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