For all of the mystery and ignored questions, the latest Windows 10 platform is deemed to be the beginning of the new era in desktop PC world.

It is mainly aimed to bring back legitimacy to the PC’s corner by directly competing to the mighty iOS and inordinately expanding Google’s Android. Windows 10 is keen to revolutionize the most opted operating system in the world in the desktop sector.

So far Windows 10 has claimed a whopping 75 million users and growing. Windows 10 now possesses a strong corporate user market since its launch.

It is not hidden that PC sales did dwindle severely to hit the lowest ever in PC’s history, but thanks to the excessively emerging online gaming industry which is continuously helping the PC division to stay alive and get back to its old prime days. Web games, social games and Bingo games are more fun and above all, all the anticipated titles releasing year after year are bolstering the sales and pushing the tech giants to release beefier components at short spans to facilitate gamers of all moods, from hardcore to mid level gamers.


The online gaming market took a giant leap from $13.8 billion in 2005 to a massive $41.4 billion by the start of the first quarter of 2016, including the live games are doing their best to bring growth back. After having an inordinate players at online Bingo sites and other online games it can simply be projected that the market will expand even more in the upcoming decade.

While online casino games are still the courtesy of mobile platform, the mass production of extreme gaming machines has lured players once again towards the Master Race PC. Another factor that has contributed in the fame of PC online gaming is the development of cross-platform games, and players’ partiality for eye candy has dragged them in front of bigger screens.


The vastly growing industry of online gaming may be the primary reason for the revival of the desktop platform, however, the emergence of Windows 10 can irrefutably help in bolstering this trend. As it will be the first bold step of its type to enable flexible usage, allowing integration with Android and iOS platforms. This will surely make it more enjoyable for online apps and games on the PC platform.

Essentially, Windows 10 is released at ideal time for desktop gaming, online gaming and the platform as a whole. It should not be denied that popular online games have also played a vital role in helping new desktop computers to bounce back in the market, by serving punch packed momentum and opening the door to an entirely new demographic of customers.

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