Red Dead Redemption 2 Fan Expo panel characters

Some of the main cast members of Red Dead Redemption 2 took part in a panel at Fan Expo Canada 2019, discussing several aspects of their work on the game.

The panelists were Roger Clark (who played Arthur Morgan), Rob Wiethoff (John Marston), Benjamin Byron Davis (Dutch van der Linde), and Alex McKenna (Sadie Adler).

McKenna stated that the cast spent five years off and on doing performance capture and voice acting for Red Dead Redemption 2 with Davis adding it “was longer than high school.”

Clark talked about the contrasting fact about the characters and actors; Clark looks up to Wiethoff as a role model because of the latter’s time on the first game, while John Marston looks up to Arthur Morgan in the game.

When asked how they liked working with Rockstar Games, Wiethoff said working with the developer “was really really cool.”

McKenna exclaimed how happy she was with Rockstar’s progressive development of the character Sadie, adding she is a strong female that is not used as a love interest. Due to the way Sadie is written and used in the story, McKenna said it has been her greatest role to date.

When asked about his inspiration for John Marston, Wiethoff claimed that he saw a lot of familiarity in the character and himself. In Red Dead Redemption 2, John Marston is a younger, punk kind of kid that wants to fit in, just like Wiethoff in high school.

Davis was also asked what playing his role was like, especially due to the character’s downward spiral into madness throughout the story. Davis stated the role was a heartbreaking one for himself, loving the character he was playing and seeing as he went further into madness hit the actor in an emotional way.

Clark explained that Red Dead Redemption 2 features times where the group starts singing together but, in normal voice acting fashion, each person was recorded separately—except one time. The game features a moment when a bunch of the characters are on a boat singing; this time, the whole group was recorded together for the song.

One character that sings with the group is Uncle and is voiced by John O’Creagh for the songs. Due to O’Creagh’s death during the game’s production, James McBride took up the role of Uncle in the non-singing lines.

Red Dead Redemption 2 IWD - Sadie Adler

Each of the cast members were asked if they had yet played the game.

Wiethoff has yet to play the game explaining that when the game started production he had two young children and by the time development wrapped up his family grew to six kids. Furthermore, the work he put into Red Dead Redemption 2 took him away from his family a lot so now he wants to make sure that his time goes to them over the game.

Clark has two small boys and is currently on his second playthrough of the game. On his first playthrough, he acted how he thought Morgan would naturally go through the story: starting out neatly trimmed and dressed in black, and ending with a larger dishevelled beard.

Davis has no kids and two weeks before the panel achieved 100% completion of the title. His first playthrough was with normal-looking attire but his second run has him changing clothes all the time.

McKenna has a tendency to get to into the game leading to her hands tensing up; to remedy her gaming experience with the game she has gone onto the internet to watch people play through Red Dead Redemption 2.

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