One-Eyed: Cats and Apocalypse

Newly announced One-Eyed: Cats and Apocalypse is a puzzle game that will see players take on the role of a cat trying to survive as the world ends.

The game takes place during the apocalypse, where humanity is under threat of total extinction. As a result of a catastrophic war, the four horsemen of the apocalypse have descended upon Earth. Using their demonic minions, the horsemen have begun to possess the last surviving humans to do their bidding.

The game will feature 2.5D visuals and contain elements of both puzzlers and platformers. Taking inspiration from the likes of Limbo, One-Eyed: Cats and Apocalypse will force players to experiment as they figure out how to overcome each obstacle.

A unique gameplay hook is the need to influence nearby humans to interact with the world. The player will be limited in their actions due to the fact they are a cat, meaning the majority of the gameplay will revolve around controlling AI characters.

The team behind One-Eyed: Cats and Apocalypse expect it to release in the second half of 2020. Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of the game are currently in the works. You can follow the official Twitter account to keep up to date.

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