SimCity launched in March last year amidst a backlash against its always online DRM and how it was perceived as being unnecessary in terms of the product as a whole. This was only one of the complaints against the game, but by far the one that attracted the most attention. At the time, the team at Maxis used the excuse that it was essential to the proper functioning of the game as certain processes and calculation occurred within the cloud. Finally, though, Maxis have acted.

A recent post on the SimCity blog has announced that an offline mode will be coming free in Update 10, though a release date has not yet been confirmed. As they say, better late than never. The post goes on to outline what the offline mode entails and what it will provide for the players. In summary, it will grant players access to all previously downloaded content at all times without need of an internet connection. There is the new Single Player Mode, which allows you to play entirely on your own with all saved games stored locally, rather than on the cloud as was previously the case.

For all of this, the online mode is unaffected, with the benefits that go along with it, such as multiplayer access, the Global Market and Leaderboards all remaining in place, while all of your pre-existing cities and regions accessible if you do log in.

The team is currently going through the final round of testing to ensure that the patch works as expected and will be releasing more details soon.

Source(s) – SimCity Blog

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