Five years after it’s initial reveal, Oculus VR have announced that preorders for the final consumer version of the Oculus Rift will go live at 8am Pacific time (4pm GMT) on January 6.

Though the company that was aquired by Facebook in 2014, have yet to reveal when the Rift will actually be available, Oculus have previously stated that they intend to ship the Rift in Q1 of 2016.

It’s been a long voyage for the Rift which was originally released to developers after a highly successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2011, albeit in a much more primitive state. Since then the device has gone through four iterations, including making the leap to HD as well as improving its processing power and effectiveness. It’s amazing to think that the Rift Started out life as a hobbiest plaything, considering it will be taking on both Sony VR and Valve’s HTC Vive which are alos both scheduled to release this year.

Every Rift will be bundled with a copy of Playful’s 3D platfromer Lucky’s Tale and all preordered rifts will also include a copy of CCP’s multiplayer space combat game EVE: Valkyrie.


Palmer Luckey will also be conducting a reddit AMA on January 6, at 6pm Pacific Time (2am GMT), if, like me, you’re confused how VR adds anything of any value to a 3D platformer such as Lucky’s Tale.


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