Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler, the new retro-inspired JRPG from Square Enix in collaboration with Nintendo, has a new trailer that goes in-depth about some of the game’s mechanics, including the “path” morality system.

The teaser also details more of the tastefully antiquated art style, which appears to fall in between PlayStation and Super Nintendo classics such as Alundra and Final Fantasy VI. The gameplay systems are also retro-inspired, but very much entrenched in modern game design philosophy, especially in regard to how morality affects gameplay.

By revealing two new characters, H’aanit the hunter and Therion the thief, the trailer introduces Octopath‘s morality system for each of the project’s eight main playable characters. H’aan and Therion fall under the “rogue” archetype, which allows them to engage in morally scrupulous activities such as stealing.

Another morality banner, “Noble”, is also revealed for the characters Olberic and Tressa. Further archetypes will be detailed later, with two characters falling under each banner.

More is revealed regarding Octopath‘s world, voice acting, and gameplay in the trailer, which is embedded below. The game is currently slated for a worldwide release on June 13.

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