Octopath Traveler

The Octopath Traveler team is coming from a massive success, and the team is already planning for the future.

During an interview with Famitsu, Square Enix’s Tomoya Asano and Masashi Takahashi explained the roadmap going forward.

The team behind Octopath Traveler is already considering a sequel, though nothing final is in the works. For now, the current game still rests with no plans for DLC.

Though the comments are little to go on, the team explained it would like to reach the goal of producing one game a year, which could mean a return to the Bravely Default series.

Octopath Traveler is one of 2018’s biggest surprises, and was July’s best-selling title with over one million copies sold.

To learn more on how the recent hit inspired by the SNES era of RPGs, check out this story from OnlySP.

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