It looks like Sony has spent some time improving the technology behind their PlayStation Move for the PlayStation 4. In an interview with OnlySP, Kevin Geisler, a producer and programmer for indie developer Young Horses, said that the PS4 Move is very precise, at least more so than the original Kinect.

“It’s been extremely nice to work with Move just based on how precise it is,” Geisler said.

Young Horses is the developer behind Octodad and its sequel, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, games where the player controls an awkward and stumbling octopus as he tries to pass for human. Dadliest Catch was showcased on stage at Sony’s E3 2013 presentation, and the game has been confirmed for a PS4 release. Geisler, who is in charge of the game’s PS4 port, said that the game hasn’t been confirmed to be Move-compatible yet, but the team is exploring the possibility.

“A couple years back, we played with the first Kinect and did a few things with it, but ultimately it had a bit too much latency and wasn’t separate from a lot of noise. But we didn’t spend too much time with it,” Geisler said. “The Move, though, seems like a fit, just because of how precise it is.”

The new DualShock 4 comes with a built-in Move sensor. Sony has also confirmed that PS3 Move controllers will work with the new console, even though the DualShock 3 will not.

Earlier this year, reports were released saying Sony had removed the PlayStation 4 camera (necessary for Move functionality) from the console bundle to shave $100 off the system’s retail price. Instead the camera will be sold separately for $60. Because the camera isn’t guaranteed to be included with every system, it will be interesting to see how many developers choose to utilize the Move.

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    1. Now if only hardcore devs would realize how great Move is to work with….

    2. Just our luck. A casual dev realizes the precession and greatness of the PlayStation Move but hardcore devs aren’t even giving it a chance.

    3. Man, hardcore devs need to be more casual so casual hardcore devs of move casual titles can be more hardcore in their casualnessosity.

    4. We have known for some time how precise the PS-Move is…Now why doesn’t COD:Ghosts, BF4 and every-other fps FPS support the PS-Move on the PS4 and PS3?

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