From the minds behind the narrative-adventure Stories Untold, Observation is a horror game that places players behind the lens of a space station AI.

Described as a “science fiction thriller,” the title’s trailer details a mission to space that has gone wrong. Players, assuming the role of an AI called SAM, will witness and likely decide on how to respond to the station’s hazards. Two astronauts accompany SAM: Dr. Emma Fisher, and an unnamed male scientist, with Fisher needing the AI’s help.

As a disembodied intelligence, SAM can control the station’s cameras, systems, and tools to aid Fisher in her escape back to Earth. The trailer details the rogue AI’s sole mission, which crytically states: ‘BRING HER.’

Stories Untold, developer No Code’s previous game, blended together multiple adventure genres, relying upon a mix of text-based, first-person, and puzzle-solving systems. Stories Untold was an episodic affair, but all signs at the moment point to Observation as being non-episodic.

Observation will be launching on PC and PlayStation 4 in late 2019. For players who have always wanted to channel their inner HAL, Observation may be too good to pass up. For more on the game and the world of single-player, be sure to follow OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

Ben Newman

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