A new report published by the NPD titled “NPD Group’s Online Gaming 2013” has discovered that 72% of gamers play online. This included a survey conducted earlier this year which found that 72% of responders from the US said they played games online, which is up from 67 percent last year.

Apparently the report also discovered that this was generated across every platform for gaming such as PCs, current generation consoles, handheld and mobile devices. The news also reads that digital distribution is a big hit with consumers with less and less folks buying physical games which is down from 65 to 62 percent last year. 72 percent is a large percentage of the pie telling that a lot of people play games online across the country.

For me personally, I use a variety of different platforms including PC, consoles (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3), as well as my handheld devices like the iPad Mini and Nintendo 3DS, all connected through WiFi. When it comes to digital distribution, I agree with the consensus on that aspect that I would much rather prefer to download my games rather then collect physical games that you can easily loose or misplace if you are not an organized. With digital distribution at least you know everything is there which why I think Games on Demand for Xbox 360 for example was a great idea.

What about you guys? Do you play most of your games online? Through any platform suggested in the report?


Jereme Puik
I'm a veteran gamer with a passion for writing and the video game industry is where I plan to stay. In between playing/reviewing the latest console releases and the latest news you'll find me reading and watching NHL games rooting for my team (New Jersey Devils) Outside of college taking over my life I enjoy a very active social life.

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