With the auction closing today for THQ’s properties, Darksiders was picked up by Nordic Games as we reported earlier. Nordic Games issued a statement shortly following the acquisition.

Naturally we don’t have any sure plans for the future of the series as we don’t even have a development team. So for now we will be analyzing the situation and try to figure out whats the best option.

One thing is sure: The tale of the four horsemen is not over!

What does this mean for the Darksiders IP? The series so far has covered War and Death of the four horsemen. It’ll be interesting to see where Nordic Games will take the series and what we will see come of the remaining two horseman. Considering they don’t even have a development team in place yet, it’ll be some time before we here any substantial update about the title. What do you want to see of the Darksiders games?

Jereme Puik
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