At least the series isn’t dead right?

Yesterday we reported on a developer’s comments about the Darksiders franchise not being dead and the hope that something would be announced relatively soon. Some fans were even hoping for an E3 announcement, but according to Nordic, that’s not going to happen this year.

Responding to a fan’s Tweet, the Nordic games Twitter account replied saying, “sorry, but no, no DS3 @E3 this year.” They later sent out another Tweet giving a brief explanation for why a Darksiders 3 announcement won’t be made as soon as you’d had hoped. The account explained, “Darksiders is definitely NOT dead, we have not arrived at the announcing-stage just yet; need more EXP first!”

So, what I got out of that statement is that Nordic is taking development of the next Darksiders pretty seriously and won’t reveal it until it’s ready. Which is a good thing, because there’s a pretty large fan base behind the franchise (me included) and I wouldn’t want to see the game rushed out the door. Let the developers take their time with this one and make it good.

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Nick Calandra
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  1. If they gonna make it, atleast make it like the first game. The second one was wayyy too padded out and the rpg style really made the combat dull.

    1. both were great! Darksiders 2 has a more vast world and more exploration and stuff to collect which made the game significantly longer .. I enjoyed it

  2. I am glad to hear that they are continuing to develop the game! I absolutely love the series :’)

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