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Metronomik has revealed that its upcoming rhythm game No Straight Roads will take over 10 hours to complete.

In an exclusive interview with OnlySP, co-founder, CEO, and game director Wan Hazmer revealed that No Straight Roads will take around 10–15 hours to complete.

Hazmer spoke about the replayability of the game and the decision to omit a New Game Plus mode.

“I’m [following] more of a Sonic or racing game [style] where once you complete a particular level, you can actually challenge the level again in a different difficulty.”

Hazmer also discussed plans for post-launch content for the game, mentioning that he would love to collaborate with other games and artists, but “this is still all in talks, so it is not confirmed at all.”

No Straight Roads will be released for PC and PlayStation 4 later this year.

Stay tuned for the full interview with Hazmer about No Straight Roads, coming tomorrow.

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Dimitric Edwards
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