EA’s premier racing series, Need For Speed, will not have an entry released this year.

Marcus Nilsson from Ghost Games, the developer for the next Need For Speed, spoke to IGN and explained that, “[They]’ve decided to take the time to build the game we really want to build in the next fiscal year. Looking at where the racing market now is, and looking at the Need for Speed brand, we see a pretty clear strategy of what we need to achieve.”  He also mentioned that, “Consoles will really reach a big number when it comes to the next fiscal year, and that really coincides with the kind of game we want to build.”

IGN have received tidbits from Nilsson about what the next game may feature which includes “customization, car culture, and personal expression.” While the lack of a Need for Speed game releasing this year may be disappointing for some, EA have confirmed that they have six new projects to announce at E3 this year during EA’s quarterly earnings call today and one of these will be powered by the Frostbite 3 Engine and be releasing in the third quarter of this year.

Sources: IGN (1, 2)

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    1. As far as I am concerned, this is fantastic news! I would really love to see a true next-gen NFS with no current gen limitations.

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