As the release date for the highly-anticipated sci-fi space exploration game No Man’s Sky nears, more details about the game’s mechanics, worlds, and playstyle has been released. Though details on the game’s story have been rather lax.

According to No Man’s Sky programmer Sean Murray, the game doesn’t have a story, at least not in the traditional sense.

“We don’t have huge cut scenes or a traditional linear story,” says Murray, in a recent video posted on the Sony PlayStation YouTube account.

According to Murray, the game forgoes the traditional way that video games typical tell a story. Instead allowing the player to discover the lore of the universe on their own while traveling to thousands of planets.

“We also kinda said that we shouldn’t have a story, but we should have a lore,” says Murray, “a consistent narrative where things are there for a reason.”

To help craft that narrative in No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games enlisted the help of two prolific storytellers. Dave Gibbons, who is known for his collaborations with Alan Moore of Watchmen fame. And James Swallow a New York Times Best Seller who has written scripts and novel tie-ins for Star Trek, Deus Ex, and Doctor Who.

Both Gibbons and Swallow have helped the developers with the finer details of world building and lore in No Man’s Sky. They’ve also been at the helm of the creation of ‘Adventures in No Man’s Sky‘, a limited edition comic book that will ship with the game’s Limited Edition box set.

According to Murray, these two storytellers have tried to create stories based in the world of No Man’s Sky in the hopes that it will inspire players to create their own unique stories and find all the lore hidden within the game’s vast universe.

No Man’s Sky arrives in our universe on June 21 for the PC and PS4. You can check out the original blog post by Sean Murray linked here or see the full Lore of No Man’s Sky video below.

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