Travis Strikes Back

The upcoming No More Heroes spin-off Travis Strikes Again has reignited interest in the series, but creator Goichi Suda—affectionately nicknamed Suda51—has explained that a mainline sequel depends entirely on the spin-off’s sales.

In an interview with Kotaku UK, the industry eccentric explained that ““[if] Travis Strikes Again is a success, it could lead to another numbered instalment in the series, so, I’m hoping that everyone will support this spin-off entry in the series.”

However, Suda’s later comments paint a slightly more complicated picture, which points to funding issues as the major stumbling block. When asked directly if Travis Strikes Again‘s performance would directly impact the possibility of No More Heroes 3, he answered “yes, and this is why I must make sure that Travis Strikes Again definitely does not fail.”

Suda’s comments imply that funding the title will come directly from the spin-off’s sales. Strangely enough, the designer has not opted for crowdfunding or alternative possibilities to get No More Heroes 3 made.

The designer also implied that gameplay changes and abilities seen in the spin-off may carry over to the third title:

“I already have a composed outline for No More Heroes 3 in my head, and I want it to be way more epic than previous numbered instalments in the series, with regards to Travis and his battle towards the new assassins.

“Because of that, I felt like Travis needed a kind of sidestep, to sort of add to his growth, giving him a chance to grow a bit before his next big battle in a numbered game. I feel like Travis Strikes Again is really integral to the series, and I want it to connect those numbered installments together, so I hope people will support it because of that.”

Worryingly, Travis Strikes Again is set to release January 18, right between the Resident Evil 2 remake and Kingdom Hearts III. Suda has also expressed interest in bringing No More Heroes and its sequel to Switch.

Via Nintendo Everything.

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