No Man's Sky to have Concurrent Release on PS4 & PC
No Man's Sky to have Concurrent Release on PS4 & PC

During the PC Gaming Show today at E3, one of the directors for No Man’s Sky Sean Murray announced the game will launch at the same time for both PC and PS4. Although Sean did not give an actual release date for No Man’s Sky, it’s still good news as it means neither party will have to wait while the other gets to play the sensational looking game.

It was the last interview and news for the PC Gaming Show which was held for the first time today at E3, with the focus of PC announcements and developers.

No Man’s Sky is a first person space exploration game, which you will be able to explore forever, literally. It has been shown off multiple times in the past year at E3s, Gamescon and others, each time showing off more of the stunning gameplay and exploration elements but no release date has been announced yet unfortunately.

A new trailer was shown at the show as part of the interview, showing off more gameplay for No Man’s Sky and has a small boast about all the awards it has already won at events.

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We can’t wait to play No Man’s Sky and explore the emptiness of space so we will be sure to let you know when the release date officially drops.

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  1. “As it should be”

    So say we all!

  2. Of all the games, I think I’m most excited for this one.

  3. Excellent news for PC gamers but it may be further justification for a 2016 release instead of this winter.

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