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Following on from the original announcement, Hello Games has expanded on what the ‘Foundation Update’ brings to No Man’s Sky in a post on the Playstation Blog.

Firstly, the base of operation can be built on any planet and is used for shelter and storage, while also giving player the opportunity to farm crops and hire NPCs to conduct research. The other big addition is the inclusion of freighters, which can be traded with or taken over depending on the player’s predilections.

Finally, the update will introduce two new game modes, one to take advantage of the new additions, and one to make No Man’s Sky into a more challenging survival experience.

You can find more details in the video below and on the Playstation Blog.

Original Story:

Hello Games has announced a ‘Foundation Update’ for the widely criticised space exploration title, No Man’s Sky, which will act as the first step in the process of evolving the game over time.

While currently without a release date, the ‘Foundation Update’ will shake up the player experience by introducing the ability to build a base of operations, though the developers have not elaborated on what that will involve.

The developers have stated that this update is not the most significant that is currently in the pipeline, but instead represents “the start of something”, further promising that the team is focused on improving the game for the future.

The announcement from Hello Games is vague and short on specific details, but a welcome change following the silence that had previously prevailed following the release of No Man’s Sky, and in the wake of the many criticisms of its failures to live up to fan’s expectations. For many, the gameplay loops quickly became too repetitive, the procedurally-generated universe was overhyped, and the apparent inability to meet other players, despite promises to the contrary, was a disappointment.

If nothing else, this latest updates suggests that Hello Games is dedicated to supporting and improving No Man’s Sky for the foreseeable future.

No Man’s Sky launched on PC and PS4 in August to a lacklustre reception after being billed as one of the PS4’s flagship titles of 2016.

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