Black Eagles Edelgard, Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Via its Twitter account, Nintendo announced that it will showcase characters from the titular houses in the upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

The first video and graphic centers on the Black Eagles house. The video highlights the leader of the house, Edelgard, her servant, Hubert, the foreign princess Petra, and the lazy mage, Linhardt. The graphic displays the remaining members of the house: Ferdinand, Caspar, Bernadetta, and Dorothea.

Characters from the Black Eagles house all call the Adrestain Empire their home. Many of the members of this house are nobles and seem to have an affinity for magic, implying that allying with different houses may influence the playstyles available in a single playthrough of Three Houses.

Three Houses will largely consist of two sections. While the player will act as a teacher in the first portion, the game will move outside of the university after a five-year time skip. Here, players can ally with characters who have a high affinity towards them. The second half of the game will also let players pair characters off in romantic relationships.

However, characters with a lower affinity score will become enemies in the latter portion of Three Houses. Although how the affinity system will play out in the full game is not clear, it will be easier to recruit characters in the house that the player joins.

Three Houses releases July 26 and is one of OnlySP’s most anticipated games of the month.

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