In an interview with Japanese business website Nikkei, Nintendo President Saturo Iwata suggested the company may be open to mergers and acquisitions.

Iwata also said that the company’s complacency has lead to the slashing of their financial forecast. Earlier this year, Nintendo said that they were expecting a net loss of 25 billion yen (about 247 million dollars), down from their earlier estimate of a 55 billion yen (541 million dollars) gain. However, Nintendo also said that former President Hiroshi Yamauchi had always said to build up money when things were good, and that this has allowed them to survive various financial hiccups throughout the years.

Saturo said that he felt the company had had a fixed model of what a game should be like, and hadn’t been keeping up to date on current developments like smartphones. He also spoke about Nintendo’s plans for the future saying that they’d be managing customer info via the internet, and rewarding regular customers. He also said they’d be looking into the health market, among other areas, as targets for new business. He also said that Nintendo was changing its idea about business, and was looking to step up share buybacks.

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Source: Nikkei Interview


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