Nintendo managed to once again shock fans with a litany of announcements recently in a new type of Nintendo Direct known as a Nintendo Direct Mini.

After a month of rumors (and few trolling tweets), Nintendo uploaded a surprise 15-minute Nintendo Direct morning. The announcements ranged from larger to smaller, and not a second of the shorter than normal run time was wasted.

The biggest new title to come out of this announcement-laden Direct is Mario Tennis Aces, which will shake up the standard Mario sports formula with fresh new modes and a fully fleshed out story mode.

However, the rest of the direct was somewhat of a port palooza, with Nintendo revealing four ports. First, Hyrule Warriors will be making its way from Wii U and 3DS over to Switch in spring, with the critically acclaimed Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze riding on its heels in May. Dark Souls Remastered was also revealed to be making its way to Switch in May, making sure to fully pad out that month for owners. The Direct kicked off with a Nintendo Switch port of the 2007 Nintendo DS game, The World Ends with You. The game is being given the subtitle Final Remix and was a vague 2018 release window.

Aside from these announcements, the show mostly focused on updates and DLC. Pokkén Tournament DX will be receiving two new waves of content in the coming months, with the first hitting January 31, and the second coming March 23.

Super Mario Odyssey and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle fans have some new content to look forward to as well. Mario + Rabbids fans will be getting new DLC where they will have the option to play as Donkey Kong, and Mario Odyssey players can look forward a free update with some new challenges thanks to ‘Luigi’s Balloon World’. The Mario + Rabbids content will be launching this spring, while the Odyssey update is expected in February.

Kirby Star Allies got some updates as well and is slated for a March 16 release.

With no word on the now confirmed Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon Switch title, many fans are beginning speculate that Nintendo is not yet done with its Nintendo Directs for January.

Whether another Direct happens or not, you can be sure to check in for updates on Nintendo’s plans with OnlySP’s Twitter and Facebook.

Michael Cripe
Michael fell into the OnlySP team toward the end of 2017. You’ll mostly catch his work over in the news area, but that doesn’t mean he won’t dip into the features section every now and then. For him, gaming doesn’t get much better than Metal Gear Solid and Super Mario Sunshine. Though he is a die-hard Nintendo fan, he grew up on PlayStation.

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