Spooky Nightmarchers

After a failed fundraising campaign on Fig, developer Wyrmbyte has decided to take Nightmarchers in a new direction.

The decision to change course and move the release window for the game to later in the year does not only come by way of a failed campaign, though.

In an update posted by the developer, the five-person team cited a lot of positive and negative feedback as being directly responsible for its choice to freshen things up. Most of positives centered on the dedication to creating a Hawaiian atmosphere with tons of lore. The negatives, however, targeted the more fundamental aspects of the game.

‘Players felt the map was too large, too repetitive; walking around could be boring,’ Wyrmbyte expressed in its update message. ‘Certainly, without all the content we want to add, we figured this might be the case but we still think it’s just too big to be fun and interesting while exploring. We are reworking our map to find a way to keep the awesome realistic scale of key locations but leaving out much of the island that could feel repetitive.’

Some of the other criticisms included a distaste for the number of outposts included in the game, which fans found tiring after a while. Wyrmbyte also writes that it noticed further issues by watching streamers play the game.

The extra time the team is taking to work on the game will be spent making ports for all versions of Xbox and PlayStation hardware, ironing out the kinks noticed by players in the preview build, and adding new content based on varied fan requests.

The Nightmarchers Fig campaign, which ended on February 16, managed to raise just more than USD$45,000 in the month it was active. While $45,000 in backer money is nothing to scoff at, the funds were not even half of the $100,000 Wyrmbyte hoped to garner.

Wyrmbyte added it will be giving out updates as it sees fit, so for more on where the team will be taking Nightmarchers in its final year in development, keep checking in with OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter.

Michael Cripe
Michael fell into the OnlySP team toward the end of 2017. You’ll mostly catch his work over in the news area, but that doesn’t mean he won’t dip into the features section every now and then. For him, gaming doesn’t get much better than Metal Gear Solid and Super Mario Sunshine. Though he is a die-hard Nintendo fan, he grew up on PlayStation.

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