We may not be seeing the next Mass Effect for quite a while, but that isn’t stopping insider Shinobi602 from dropping little tidbits of info here and there. In his latest round of info droppings, Shinobi revealed on NeoGAF some new details regarding Bioware’s next Mass Effect game.

According to Shinobi, the next Mass Effect will not be a prequel, which has been a hotly contested subject across gaming forums all over the net. Being as the game is not a prequel, there will be a new protagonist for the upcoming game, but Shinobi did not provide any details regarding that matter.

However, there are more exciting details to ponder over regarding the scope of the game. According to the information provided by Shinobi, the next Mass Effect is seeing something of an overhaul structurally. The game will apparently be “epic in scope” and focus a lot more on exploration as compared to the previous Mass Effect titles. Shinobi said, “One of the new game’s core pillars is ‘epic scale’. ME1’s uncharted worlds done right.”

He also provided a bit more of a description into those worlds and what you can expect when you visit them saying there will be, “strong exploration, sense of discovery, beautiful unique lands. [And] So many awesome additions to the formula.”

It’ll probably be a while before we see the game in action, but from the little bit of details Shinobi has provided, the concept sounds pretty exciting, especially considering the amount of lore the Mass Effect universe has to offer. For now though, be sure to treat all this information as unconfirmed. Although, Shinobi did tell a user who questioned his information to book mark the page, so that should give you an idea of how confident he is. And confident he is for good reason.

We’ll be sure to stay on the lookout for more Mass Effect info drops from Shinobi as time rolls on, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for instant updates.


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  1. If there is one thing the Mass Effect series needs, it’s exploration. That was one of my favorite aspects of the first game. They also need to bring back the rpg elements. They really dumbed it down in the later games.

    1. Seems they got their RPG flair back on track with Dragon Age. Hopefully those design elements carry right on over to the Mass Effect series.

      1. Actually, Bioware has previously stated that Dragon Age Inquisition and it’s use of the Frostbite engine will lay the groundwork for the next Mass Effect. So, I would expect a lot of similarities.

        I am currently playing Dragon Age Inquisition and it’s pretty outstanding so far. I’m very pleased.

        1. Agree, it’s brilliant, miles out in front for game of the year in my opinion. If they can combine the scale of DA:I with the sci-fi veneer of Mass Effect I’ll be extremely happy!

      2. I’m hoping that the combat system gets a bit of an overhaul. Still third person shooter, but less reliant on cover mechanics. That’s be sweet.

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