According to a new report first revealed by Games Industry biz, the next-gen Xbox from Microsoft will carry a starting price point of $500 USD. The article points to a Tech journalist by the name of Paul Thurrott who shared very intimate details about Microsoft’s next console. He points out that Durango (code name for next-gen Xbox) will be priced between $300-$500 for its launch units. The reveal of the console was supposed to take place on April 24th, but now has been moved to May 21st, just about a few weeks before E3 in June.

Thurrott also notes that the new Xbox will always require an online connection (which recently stirred up a lot of controversy) and will include a subscription service. Also revealed was a new cheaper Xbox 360 model to be priced at $99 and will be released later this year. Eurogamer points out that this could mean the new Xbox will not play Xbox 360 games.


Jereme Puik
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  1. If it’s ever revealed that the supposed always-online thing is real, and that it actually INCREASED the price of the console, there will be blood in the streets.

    I’m sincerely hoping neither is the case. Even so, a $500 price tag in this economy is ‘pushing it’, to say the least. I guess it’ll all come down to the launch library and how the tech compares to the PS4.

    1. I personally think $500 is pretty reasonable for the next set of consoles. Gaming PC’s are just about the same price if you want something with mod-high settings so not too over the top. Especially since you’re investing in something that’s going to last you 7-8 years.

      1. True, but the versatility of a PC far exceeds that of consoles…. well at least that’s how it is today. Who knows what kind of a “media center” the nextbox is going to be.

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