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The director of Nex Machina has shared his hope that Housemarque’s upcoming AAA game will “redefine how people view” the studio.

In an interview with WCCFTech, game director Harry Krueger expressed that the studio’s progress creating the unannounced game has been challenging, but said he wants the project to redefine how fans view the studio.

“It’s quite a big undertaking, it’s not without it’s [sic] challenges, but it’s exciting for us. We hope to create something that will redefine how people view Housemarque in the years to come,” said Krueger.

He added, “We have grown to the point where we have close to 70 people internally on the new project we’re working on, and we’re already leaning a bit more on outsourcing and collaborating with other studios.”

Whilst Krueger did not go into much detail, he emphasized the studio will focus on its strengths:

“I think we need to be mindful of sticking to our strengths. Sticking to our established brand of explosive action, responsive controls, a core loop that feels just right. Bringing all that into a package that can be somehow competitive in the AAA space.”

In 2017, Housemarque CEO Ilari Kuittinen announced that the studio would move away from the kind of arcade games that built its reputation due to poor revenue.

However, Krueger noted that arcade games could continue to have a strong future if developers include unique features. He noted in particular Cuphead‘s distinctive art style:

Cuphead is a great example, because it does have that very distinctive art style, and it’s a great game as well. When you see a screenshot of it, you can’t mistake it for anything else and it has that mass appeal. So, that’s something we’ve been mindful of, and hopefully something we can address in our future endeavors.”

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