Indie developer SadSquare Studio released a brand new trailer today for its first-person point-and-click psychological horror game, Visage.

The trailer, which can be viewed below, is mesmerizingly movie-like (think Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Oculus, and several more). Atmospheric background noises (e.g. doors creaking, booming grandfather clock bongs, and static electricity) amidst creepy surroundings (e.g. hoard house-like clutter, an entire factory setting hidden in the walls, and a wispy forest) in the trailer sets the tone perfectly for plenty of jump scares.

Genuine fear-driven anxiety leading to unnecessary panicking is clearly on display, much as what can be felt while watching the original extended Alpha trailer. Using and picking up items, as well as the range of items available, is shown more than ever before. The interactive objects include a lighter, sledgehammer, lightbulbs, rowboats oars, an office chair, and a crowbar, the latter two being used to break a window and floorboards, respectively. Rainy weather is also confirmed somewhere outside of the main house.

Visage pits players as the new owner of a house with a boatload of “character.” Spending the night at their new home, players must slowly unravel the secrets behind why some of the people and families who lived in the house previously suffered gut-wrenching and brutal deaths, while many others died peaceful natural deaths with no paranormal activity.

Set in the 1980s in an unnamed remote town, the horror title is touted on its Kickstarter page as a game that explores fear. Can being in a seemingly-haunted house possibly be better than exploring what is outside it? Players are led deeper and deeper into the secrets behind the house. Fear and a kind of reverse psychology is at the forefront, according to the Kickstarter description, in the form of the end goal of the game being either going insane and dying (with ways to avoid this being promised, but no concrete details on how yet), being killed by the forces of the “dark entities” of the house and beyond, or surviving the night and solving the mystery of the dark spell over the property.

The trailer ends with an unchanged “Coming Soon” release window for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Visage is confirmed to still be set for TBA 2017 in the official press release accompanying the trailer. OnlySP will report on a release date and/or window as details become available.

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Cedric Lansangan

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