Living on Mars is going to be hard when humans eventually figure out how to get there. Matt Damon in The Martian shows us just how potentially difficult it could be. Living on a future post-apocalyptic, hostile and human-terraformed Mars is even harder, as a new trailer released today for Spiders Studio’s dystopian action-adventure game, The Technomancer, makes seem all-too-real.

The trailer, titled “THE TECHNOMANCER: LIFE AND DEATH ON MARS,” which you can view below, showcases some of the many sprawling environments and hazards on the futuristic version of the red planet. It all looks very promising, and I can tell you from the short demo I saw at E3 that gameplay is just as engrossing and dynamic.

For the unfamiliar, The Technomancer revolves around a young initiate, who at the outset of the story is about to join the ranks of full-fledged Technomancers. Feared mage-warriors capable of wielding electricity-based, Technomancers, trained from a young age, are even more powerful thanks to cybernetic implants. Somewhere along the way, our young protagonist discovers there is much more to his past and the origin and purpose of the Technomancer than he is led to believe. Chased by a corrupt Secret Police force while having to contend with traversing Mars’ desolate, danger-filled environments and alien wildlife, you, as the Technomancer, must find a way to survive long enough to discover the truth.

The Technomancer also boasts four different skill trees that relate to three different customizable fighting styles and powerful Technomancy abilities, as well as a crafting system, a world that reacts to your actions and decisions, and quests and paths that are only accessible when you befriend and associate with certain companions.

Published by Focus Home Interactive, look out for The Technomancer when it releases summer 2016 on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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Cedric Lansangan

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