Focus Home and Tindalos Interactive have released a new trailer today showing off Battlefleet Gothic: Armada’s single player campaign for the first time.

The video, “introduces the ambitious solo campaign which will plunge players into the heart of the spectacular void battles of the 12th Black Crusade of Abaddon.”

“Great care has been taken with the campaign of Battlefleet Gothic, through its story and realisation. Many cinematics, astutely mixing game sequences with artwork created by talented artists, support the story and the major events of the campaign, which are sometimes influenced by the success – or failure – of the missions. The Gothic Sector is in constant evolution, and new threats often make an appearance such as the Ork pirates, or the Eldar corsairs. The Chaos forces will often launch assaults on Imperial worlds, while your allies will request your support. Quite often, multiple events will arise simultaneously, requiring you to take critical decisions and bear the weight of their consequences, such as different access to resources, or available allies… in the end, your decisions will influence the unfolding of the Gothic War itself”, according to the press release.

Following the release of this trailer, we will be releasing a exclusive interview next week which goes into heavy detail regarding the game’s single player campaign. We’re extremely excited to share it with you, so don’t forget to follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for further updates on when that feature article will be available.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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