A new trailer was released for first-person, supernatural horror title LETHE.

The trailer is the second update this month, following silence since October last year. It showcases your character’s ability to use psychokinesis to pick things up or throw them as you desire, after a run-in with a magical artifact grants you the power. However, the power doesn’t seem to grant you the ability to defend yourself, as the protagonist begins to bolt-it in the trailer upon hearing a beastie scream. Instead, the psychokinetic force appears to be intended to help with puzzle solving with objects you can’t manipulate by hand (e.g. live electrical cables, heavy items or things out of reach).

LETHE’s story casts you as Robert Dawn, a journalist who is motivated by inherited crushing debts to hunt down the origins of his recently-deceased step-father. Quickly, things go awry as an unknown force grants him psychokinetic powers that feed on his own life. In addition, a darker force now hunts Dawn to extinguish what little life the psychokinetic power hasn’t drained. This sparks a desire to not only survive, but also to find the truth behind your mother’s ex-partner.

Episode one of LETHE will be released this summer for PC, with other formats unknown.

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